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crosswords puzzle answers 14/12/2016

crosswords puzzle answers 14/12/2016

___ Spencer, co-anchor of ABC's 'Good Morning America'
Word between 'mine' and 'mine'
With 69-Across, V.I.P
Voice-controlled product from Amazon
Torah expert
Their characters jump off the page
The ten in 'first and ten': Abbr
Teensy bit
Suffix with bachelor
Subject line abbr
Still frame of Mickey, maybe
Steakhouse selection
Stars may have big ones
Something to follow
Something to follow
Something to follow
Something to follow
Something to follow
Sgt., e.g
See 52-Across
See 51-Down
Ruiner of a perfect report card
Ring in the ocean
Region of ancient Palestine
Q neighbor
Patriarch of House Stark on 'Game of Thrones'
Parts of an ovo-lacto vegetarian's diet
One who wants a ring for bling?
One might do it from a soapbox
On Medicare, say: Abbr
Old name for Tokyo
Nontext part of a text
Mountaineering tool
Mexican civilization known for its colossal head sculptures
Low pair
Last: Abbr
Indian tea region
Homer's neighbor
Helical stuff
Health meas. used to diagnose obesity
Gumbo vegetable
Get information from, in a way
Genre for Fall Out Boy
Finishing option
Feudal lords
Fashion designer Miller
Eye sore
Email folder
Electrician, at times
Dyeing technique
Devices for many runners
Deuce follower
Deep cut
Computer shortcuts
Company whose business is picking up
Colorado senator Michael
Circus safety feature
Cheese coated in red wax
Black History Month: Abbr
Basis of a scholarship
Arm of the Dept. of Labor
A, B or C
'___ boom bah!'
'___ believe …'
'It's not my first ___'
'Game of Thrones' and others – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Dec-14-2016#sthash.z4VPbC7S.dpuf

Widow Douglas's adoptee
Went first
Water cooler
Watched over
Twisty shape
Trump guaranteed to win
Total, say
Top country album of mid-1988
Thorny shrubs
They might be cleft
The Lorax's creator
Tender spots?
Tender spots
Tender spot?
Takes off
Sweet'N Low alternative
Spaghetti specification
Site of the 13-mile-high volcano Olympus Mons
Sign before Virgo
Sched. C publisher
Really irked
Punk rock offshoot
Punishing journey
Position at Pebble Beach
Petulant person
Pax ___
Pawn place
Ostracized individual
Old timer
Old goats
Not accidental
Noncommittal phrase
Needed to be kneaded
Mayflower Compact signer
Makes costumes for 'Hair,' perhaps
Lustrous fiber
Long stories
Litter on a farm
Kick ___ fuss
Its national anthem is 'Sultanic Salutation'
Item with a duel purpose
Hayseeds' hamlets
Hardly great literature
Great soul, in Sanskrit
Gives birth to
Fleshy ear part
Fire alarm verb
Finished off
Filthy lucre
Fall flowers
Engine housing, as on the Enterprise
Egyptian symbol of life
Drain of energy
Delta's in-flight magazine
Dealer's unit
Dandling spot
Country dive
Comprehensive search
Cloverleaf parts
Cindy Brady, to Marcia
Chad and Victoria
Cases for dermatologists
Canvas sneakers brand
African expanse
1981 World Series MVP Ron
'That was a close one!'
'Let's go!' to Luigi
'All right!'

Young fellow
Word after lip or speed
With 11-Down, Big Dipper's constellation
Who's position, in a comedy routine
Was victorious, but not by knockout
Was a glutton
Twenty Questions answer
Treasure hunter's need
Three Musketeers motto word
Thick-skinned herbivore, for short
Term applied to Goldman Sachs in 2008
Syrup flavor
Suffix with real or sex
Succinct, like a proverb
Still in contention
Smooth, in a way
Smart ___ (wise guy)
Slug's trail
Shape of some charts
Shade of black
See 39-Down
Sarcastic in manner
Sacred bird of Egypt
Rocky's training sequence, e.g
Road or roofing stuff
Radius neighbor
Pulled up stakes
Pub quaffs
Plumber's tool
Piglet's parent
Pick up on
Pesto ingredient
Perjures oneself
Pass receiver's miscue
Othello and kin
Not worth a plugged nickel
Monkey or ape
Mischief maker
MacGraw of 'Love Story'
Loads with cargo
Letters to teen idols
IV solution
In times past
Huck Finn, to Tom Sawyer
Home to Pythagoras
Hem and haw
Hall of talk TV
Half a sawbuck
Hail, to Caesar
Had a sit-down
Grp. with co-pays
Get ___ of (dump)
Geologic span
Game surface
Forge implement
Feeling of hunger or guilt
Estrada of 'CHiPs'
Epitome of thinness
Early Greek physician
Dickens' Heep
Dark time for poets
Danica Patrick, for one
Composer Bartok
Clearasil target
Classic tale of Troy
Chicago air hub
Cause to yawn
Caught some Z's
Bundle of grain
Boy Scouts group
Botanist's specimen
Bill with a political talk show
Backspace over
Apply graffiti, in a way
Alpha's opposite
'Hamlet,' for one
'Aw, c'mon!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Dec-14-2016#sthash.wtsHHsRI.dpuf

Walk through puddles
Use a pogo stick
Upper income range, per Form 1040
Unruly bunch
Tricycle riders
Top newscaster
Steal from
Spiked wheel on a boot
Sound of shock
Small bill
Small batteries
Shredded cabbage
Sheep sound
See eye to eye
Secret meeting
River bottoms
Real-estate listings
Precious stones
Potato state
Pores over
Poehler of TV
Pink-center entrée
Pierre, in Spain
Personality structure
Per annum
Part of TGIF
Not at all taut
Move to and __
Mountain peak
Motorist's reversal
More reasonable
Meet head-on
Line on a list
Learn about
Knightly title
Is overly fond
Is able to
Internet cafe connection
Informal agreement
Informal agreement
Hotshot pilot
Hoops great Shaq
Hem and __
Help out
Has lunch
Half of the checkers
Get underway
Geological fracture
Genie's offering
Forgoes food
First Greek letter
Find a purpose for
Female voice range
Evergreen tree
Dental exam image
Cooled down with cubes
Command to Rover
Coarse in one's talking
Chair or bench
Cereal grain
Casino numbers game
Browned bread
Brit's exclamation
Bonnet or beret
Aware of
Author Sheehy
"__ fair in love . . ."
"Iliad" locale – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Dec-14-2016#sthash.Q1FL19RF.dpuf

Word on a pageant sash
Welles of 'The War of the Worlds'
Wedding page word
Vodka with strasberi and peachik flavors
Unflappable sort
Twist and reel
Tosses gently
Title character who never appears onstage
Synthetic fabric
Stand in the boardroom
Quarterback Tony
President between John and Richard
Presented as a donation
Peter, Paul and Mary, e.g
Org. with Jazz and Magic
North Pole aviator Bennett
Ninnies, and what the first words of the answers to the starred clues literally are
Ninja Turtle's home
NCOs two levels above cpl
Native Canadian
Mystery novelist Grafton
Mauna ___
Martini option
Maritime CIA counterpart
Look forward to
Longoria of 'Telenovela'
Little chirp
Like some threats
Like most dessert wines
Like a stained shirt pocket, maybe
Letter's opposite, law-wise
Language from which 'geyser' derives
It's not an option
It's a lock
It might get one down
Irish tenor Ronan ___
Inventory tracking ID
Hawaiian coffee-growing district
Half of a very high price?
Goes berserk
Go up against
Go one better than
Game with 'Wild Draw Four' cards
Fugitive's flight
Frequent soccer score
Every bit
Enjoy a dip
Drink brand with a two-lizard logo
Dollywood's st
Danno's outfit, familiarly
Creepy thing
Ceremonial ribbon cutter, often
Castellaneta of 'The Simpsons'
Cassini of fashion
Byrne's 'Strange Overtones' collaborator
Brownstone hangout
Break down
Big name in brewing
Beatles song that promises, 'I'll always be true'
Bastille Day season
Attached with ribbon, say
Asset for the future, briefly
Actress Ward
Accustom (to)
2016 Olympics city
*Power-saving strategy during heat waves, e.g
*Marx Brothers film set in Freedonia
*Garment that's usually high-visibility yellow
*'Beyond the Sea' role for Kevin Spacey
'Wonderfilled' cookies
'Look, Mom — No cavities!' toothpaste
'How've you ___?'
'Chuck' actor Baldwin
'Call the Midwife' airer
'Arrested Development' narrator – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Dec-14-2016#sthash.1unb5Zc6.dpuf

__ Enterprise
Wine choice
VW and BMW
Very long periods
Versatile blackjack card
Touch down
The Quakers of the Ivy League, briefly
Tail movement
Swelled head
Sun Bowl city
Steps in for
Sneak (away), as in shame
Sit-up targets
Shaped like a kiwi
Says 'Hi, sailor' to, say
Redheaded sitcom kid
Reader's download
Put on the cloud, say
Presidential no
Plot device?
Plié, for one
Oral-B Glide, e.g
Online investment service
One-named Irish singer
One-named Irish singer
Of sound mind
New York team that plays home games in New Jersey
Name on a Chicago cap
Mined finds
Mata __
Lo-cal brews
Japanese dog
It may be carried in a boardroom
Host who says, 'Solve or spin'
Have credit from
Hard-to-understand 'South Park' character
Half a giggle
Hairbrush target
Gives the nod
Fizzy candy
E equivalent, in music
Cut of lamb
Course of action?
Carpenter __
Card catalog ID
Canonized Fr. female
Braz. neighbor
Boxing combos
Biology dish eponym
Big bills, slangily
Ben who plays an economics teacher in 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off'
At the summit
Apple remains
Any'tizers Boneless Chicken Wyngz maker
Ailment similar to spring fever
Actress __ Bialik of 'The Big Bang Theory'
*TV screen film format
*Summertime destination for kids
*Building inspector's concern
*At-your-desk assignment
*As sequenced in this grid, what the answers to starred clues form
'50s-'60s Illinois senator Dirksen
'__ cares?'
'Star Trek' role for Cho
'Shameless' airer, briefly
'Oops!' inciter
'Looking good!'
'Aladdin' hero – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Dec-14-2016#sthash.oGroE6uW.dpuf

Zenith's opposite
Work at the warehouse
Word with 'grab' or 'latch'
Use the working end of a bayonet
Upscale spreads
Underground Railroad user
Type of man, woman or maid
Type of bag filled with swag
Trail behind
Took a spill
Ten-sided figure
Super server or tablet maker
Sudden blast of wind
Stuck together, in a way
Strong smell
Striker's bane
Small, slender gull
Rhyme-free writing
Reverse an action
Reception area
Put the cuffs on?
Pupil's site
Pitcher of paintings
Pastoral composition
Party days
Participate in an election
Part of the brain or ear
Pack on board
Orbison of music
One type of believer
Norwegian capital
Nodder's response
Mulligan or beef
Madder than mad
Linda of 'The Exorcist'
Italian staple
Innovator's seed
Inner circle of trained personnel
Infamous emperor who fiddled around
Get low twice
Get low three times
Get low four times
Gearing up
Fourth of July event
Fencer's choice
Far from florid
Fall initiator
Elevator inventor
Distant but within sight
Coxswain's crew
Court surface, sometimes
Correct, as a screenplay
Corn Belt state
Conceals, as a card
Common household chore
Closing section of a musical composition
Cleopatra biter
Change, chemically
Change decorations
Cain's victim
Bursa, e.g
Bonnie's cohort in crime
Bonn wife
Blood-sucking insect
Before, before
Beatles album '____ Road'
Be a cast member of
Bana of Hollywood
Aquatic rodent
Apartment, you dig?
'___ a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World'
'Protecting and Promoting Your Health' org

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