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crosswords puzzle answers 11/10/2016

crosswords puzzle answers 11/10/2016

___ sack
When nothing seems to go right
What may keep a mohawk in place
Unknown source, informally
Supposed sighting in Tibet
Successfully treat
Store sign
Stir-fry vessel
Steep rock face
Stand in the shadows
Something a thoughtful person strokes
Sliced serving with ritzy crackers?
Seller of the Söderhamn sofa
School about 40 miles from S.L.C
Rock's ___ Fighters
Restaurant basketful
Reference page edited by a group
Rain really hard
Rag covered in dirt?
Products featuring Siri
Primordial muck
Pressing business?
PowerPoint slide with fake data?
Pep squad member's lament?
Pal of Piglet and Pooh
Octagonal sign
Not fooled by
Lima's home
Lima's home
Like three NASA rovers
Like morning grass
Length x width, for a rectangle
Lead-in for prof. or V.P
Latte alternatives
Japanese auto import
Item on many a bathroom floor
It gives a little hoot
Innocent's reply to 'Who did this?'
Hershey bar with toffee
Hawaiian greeting
Growth on the forest floor
Golfer's target
God who sounds like he was mentioned in the preceding clue
Go to the mall
Glamour rival
Ginormous number
From Zurich, e.g
From square one
Flying circus performer?
Fancy affair
Fa follower
Escape (from)
Eatery with sidewalk tables, often
E.R. staffers
Dog's yap
Cowboy singer Gene
Cotton fabric
Cloth made famous by infomercials
Capri or Man
Briefs from Walmart or Target?
Breckinridge of fiction
Bill ___, the Science Guy
Biggest city on the Big Island
Aries animals
A ton, in Tijuana
'You make a good point'
'Woe is me'
'This is disastrous!'
'The Family Circus' creator Bil
'Oh, ___!' ('Good one, girlfriend!')
'Holy moly!'
'God does not play ___ with the world': Einstein
'Duty, ___, Country' (West Point motto)

Wordless approval
White Cloud's people
Way impressive
Veggie in many a Chinese dish
Turner of films
Tin Man's need
Thrilla in Manila champ
They rank above viscounts
Stridex target
Sound of impact
Sonogram target
Site of temptation
Sing the praises of
Saintly aura
Ron Weasley's sister
Reader's place marker
R&D setting
Poorly defined
Picketer's foe
Passed on the track, in a way
Pack animal
Oven part
Op-ed piece
One of us
Old gray mare, perhaps
Nest eggs, for short
Most desperate
Middle-earth baddie
Marked a ballot
Lying triceps extension, in gym lingo
Kindle download
Instrument for Orpheus
Id ___
High point
Heavy metal fan
Granada greeting
Gracefully smooth, as movement
Gourd-shaped rattle
Go a round?
Gallery event
Fuzzy fruit
Funny sketch
Flat's counterpart
English county
Elevated verses
Eldest of the Baldwin brothers
Does lawn work
Diagonal-moving piece
Current unit
Course for a horse
Corp. bigwigs
Clinic nickname
Clickable list
Check endorser
Changed, as district lines
Bubbly beverage
Brit's WWII ally
Bottom line?
Bitter beverage
Big-picture brand
Ballpark souvenir
Astounding occurrence
Anonymous John
Amusing puzzle
Adventurous journey
'Presumed Innocent' author
'Parks and Recreation,' for one
'Parks and Recreation' setting
'I'm game if you are'
'Ha-ha! Gotcha!'
'Breaking Bad' product

___ carotene
Try again? (with 'go')
Today, in Tijuana
The 'U' of ICU
Tennessee athlete, for short
Take place
Sway daringly with a partner? (with 'go')
Sub sinker
Stretch of land
Since an onset? (with 'go')
Sean of Hollywood
Runs casually
Run smoothly, as an engine
Result of a bobbled grounder
Poem of tribute
Place for a queen
Peruses a book
Olympics light
Off the mark, as a throw
Not perfectly round
Not just 'a'
Nest locale
More than implement
Miles per hour, e.g
Man who hit 755 homers
Male feline
Make thirsty
Like the Who in their prime
Like a standard of perfection
Just manage (with 'out')
It's a wrap
It wasn't built in a day
Gets into shape?
Get a load off one's chest
French morning
Food crumb
Features of male lions
Fashions or formulates
Eye parts
Does a pitcher's job?
Do schoolwork?
Digging pick
Decorative hanging tapestry
D.C. subway
Common deciduous tree
Central New York city
Casual criticism
Campaigner, for short
Calendar square
Cabernet, for one
Buzzing pest
Bride's covering
Beaver's construction
Bean counter, for short
Be wild? (with 'go')
Be lousy in the clutch
Bauxite, e.g
Arabic pipe
AM/FM device
Alcoholic pint, often
Aim improver
Actors, collectively
'___ to worry'
'___ Maria'
'___ Ha'i'
'Much ___ About Nothing'
'Dear' man
'Cool' amount of cash

Winter bug
Way to get to the top
Volcano spew
Valuable violin
Tip jar inserts
Threw in
The palindromic ex of Frank
Strong desire
Spiral-shaped pasta
Software swiper
Serrated kitchen implement
Seamstress Ross
Scrabble occurrence that might facilitate a bingo
Safety bed features
Road or roof stuff
Recycling holder
Prospectors' finds
Producer of royal jelly
Prettifies, as a pastry
Plant life
Pass along, as gossip
Observe Yom Kippur
Mila of 'Black Swan'
Many T-ball coaches
Linen source
Like a heart aflutter
Lapel ornament
Join as an investor
Jack or joker
How great minds think?
Heredity units
Haiku, e.g
Great Seal bird
Greased the palm of
Go out with
Get a handle on
Gardener's gadget
Fodder holder
Fit of pique
Finnish-based telecom giant
Fertilization target
Ermine, in its summer coat
Enjoying oneself to the max
Enjoy Spago or Sardi's
Echolocating mammals
Downhill ride
Distinctive flair
Dangerous noble gas
Daisy variety
Crinkly cabbage
Clumsy sort
Club sandwich ingredient
Church vow
Chestnut ___ (horse color)
Calling via P.A
Cake flour, vis-a-vis all-purpose flour
Broomstick rider
Brain section
Blowout, in sports
Bellini's title priestess
Bell-ringing cosmetics company
Baltimore-based rights org
Architect Maya
Any Woodstock tune, now
Anita, 'the Jezebel of Jazz'
Alan of 'The Aviator'
Activity with a rubber duckie, perhaps
Act the busybody
Abbr. on some sale tags
'You've got mail' co
'What ___ is new?'
'Way cool!'
'Speak up, please!'
'Madama Butterfly' accessory
'I'm just about finished'
'Gone With the Wind' expletive
'Enchanted' girl of kid-lit

__ club (singing group)
Worker's week-ending shout
Work with needle and thread
Winter driving hazard
Where DC is capital
Very knowledgeable
Veggie in a pod
Used to be
TV host Seacrest
Tooth pro's deg
Throat ailment
Swiss miss of kid lit
Stand up
Shortened form of a wd
Sgt., for one
Science giant Newton
Says "Grr!" to
Santa __, CA
Raggedy doll
Quaint lodgings
Prefix meaning "all"
Paperless travel documents
Not as moist
Mover's wheeled platform
Motel's swimming spot
Monte Carlo's country
Mo. city
Lowly chess piece
Lowest part
Lets go
Leaning Tower city
Keep a close eye on
Initial poker payment
Hosp. professionals
Golf pegs
Go __ for the ride
Galahad or Lancelot
Full of current info
Finance deg
Exploit again
Edge of a hoop
Dad's boy
Currency in Germany
Cooks on a rotisserie
Complete collections
College sports org
Clever trick
Cambridge engineering sch
Bro's sibling
Boneless steaks
Bogus cure-all
Blizzard-clearing vehicle
Blackboard accessory
Big coffee brewers
Beauty parlor
Battleship designation
Attention-getting sound
All thumbs
Affirmative votes
Actor Baldwin
"That makes me happy"
"Tender" beef cut
"It was someone else!"
"For shame!"
"Electric" fish

__ Rica
__ and flows
Writer Jaffe
Wire service letters
Wines that usually go well with beef
Where a Brit may powder her nose
Video game pioneer
Utter joy
Up to one's ears (in)
Unlikely to get excited
UMass town
Turns sour
Title for Doubtfire or Dash
Throat ailment
Sweat unit
Suffix with ranch
Suffix with fruct-
Stepped heavily
Spanish aunts
Site of Arizona's Red Rock State Park
Singer James
Set in a den, slangily … or, initially, what can be found in each answer to a starred clue
Rocks in bars
Refreshing retreat
Quito's country: Abbr
Pitcher's goof
Picnic invaders
Phonograph record
Persian faith
Originates (from)
Oklahoma's 'Wheat Capital'
Of the skin
Not fatty, as meat
Name on a Trump card?
N.Y. and Calif
Muslim denomination
Movie spool
Modest skirt
Makeover place
Listened to
Like morning grass
Lease again
Irish name for Ireland
Inflatable mattress prefix with Bed
In couch-potato mode
Hip-hop Dr
Glide past on the ice
France dance
Dramatic downturn
Drains of strength
Dieter's catchword
Dessert with a cherry
Corporate alias abbr
Colorado ski mecca
Car owner's premium pmt
Camera attachment
Bounty hunters' goals
Bay Area cop gp
Architect I.M. __
American of Japanese descent
*Panel decision that's not unanimous
*Drug bust calculation
*Became a YouTube sensation
*Artsy Lower Manhattan neighborhood
'This is your brain on drugs' ads, briefly
'The Hunger Games' extra
'C'est la __!'
'Barnaby Jones' actor Buddy

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