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crosswords puzzle answers 04/12/2016

crosswords puzzle answers 04/12/2016

___ the film deal
___ several filmmaking awards
___ se
___ nova (musical style of the late Middle Ages)
___ noire
___ lily
___ into a major film star
___ himself as a big-screen film star
___ for meatier film roles
___ for just the right film role
___ Doggie of old cartoons
___ a new film adaptation
Yemen seaport
Word before and after 'yes,' in the Army
Western tribe
Went after
Villagers the Grinch stole from in Dr. Seuss
Unwinding spot
Too much, in music
Tire measure: Abbr
Tie (up)
Things to chew on
Surveillance device
Sunbathing locale
Summoned, in a way
Student taking Contracts, maybe
Story ___
Stick close to
Stacking game
Spike TV's former name
Speak for oneself?
Something to shoot with, briefly
Something that turns up when you snap your fingers?
Some rounds
Some info holders
Singer Marie
Sibling of Helios and Selene, in myth
Settled a score old-style
Seafood order
Salon offering
Salacious look
Runner-up's amount in an auction
Radius, for one
Put up
Psychedelic experience
Pride parade letters
Poet who wrote 'In the middle of the journey of our life I came to myself within a dark wood where the straight way was lost'
Pay dirt
Org. with the magazine America's 1st Freedom
New York team
New employee
Naval conflict
Native New Yorkers
Morris who directed 'The Fog of War'
Modern greeting
Milne character
Middle word in a mall map phrase
Michael ___, Brett Halliday detective
Many a suit has one, for short
Maker of business jets
Like you wouldn't believe
Like food
Like businesses on Yelp
Leader who was Time's 2007 Person of the Year
Laura of 'Blue Velvet'
Land near a wharf
Lady's man
Kind of marker
Jewelry chain
Java neighbor
Italy's Isola d'___
In line
In bankruptcy
Immunity enhancer
Hybrid citrus fruits
Honey ___ Clusters (breakfast cereal)
Home appliance giant
Hogwarts groundskeeper
Hindu honorifics
Harshly bright
Half a score
Goya subject
Got going
Gable part
French city near the Belgian border
First African-American Disney princess
Evidence of a brawl
Eco-friendly building certification, for short
Earning a Purple Heart, say
Depiction in Bosch's 'The Garden of Earthly Delights'
December temp
Country singer Lovett
Church recess
Cash in
Capital NW of Jungfrau
Buzz, so to speak
Brisk tempo
Borodin's prince
Bio word
Baylor's home
Auto-sharing company
Aid for a big painting project
Actor Lugosi
Actions of environmental extremists
7Up, in old ads, with 'the'
1993 accord grp
1993 accord city
'___ be my honor'
'You think I won't!'
'The Twilight Zone' episodes, e.g
'The Lion King' villain
'Roger that'
'Quiet down!'
'If you say so'
'I'm waiting …?'
'Ha! I was right!'
'Despicable Me' supervillain
'A likely story!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Dec-4-2016#sthash.5j1z8vLe.dpuf

What the backward search team did in an English county?
What the backward professional adjective writer had?
What a correct password ensures
What a backward model does with a magazine?
Very brief time periods
Thunderous noises
Thoroughfares to the web
Tel ___
Swiss canton
Steam up
Squid's defense
Speak with a foul mouth
Small drupes
Sit-and-sip place
Sights along the highway
Shortstop's bobble and drop
Second word of a Dickens title
Sci-fi film extra, sometimes
Satanic doings
Run out, as insurance
Recess, as water
Rd. relative
Raise one's voice
Prepare a new wine for drinking
Pack freight onboard
One involved in a prison uprising
Not working
Night time, in Italy
Muralist Rivera
Man and Skye
Make reparations, e.g
Make a hard copy
Madam's sewing case
Lockable metal fastener
Lemony Snicket Count
Kind of jerk
Involving the ears
Invisible emanation
Indonesian tourist locale
Hotel kin
Horrific 2004 hurricane
Hockey arenas
German poet Heinrich
Famous TV dog
Enjoying the inflicting of pain
Dry-eyes solution
Droll humor
Desirable change, sometimes
Cutlass feature
Culture gelatin
Composer Stravinsky
Coffee, in slang
Circular storage medium
Chelsea currency
Cast overhead
Caesar's 'well'
Bungle (with 'up')
Brother of Harpo
Brazen bank theft
Birchbark vessel
Big creatures in the forest
Be a blowhard
Barkin of Hollywood
Balanced mentally
B.A. word
Act the coquet
About, in dating
A real doll
'___ you glad?'
'Is it ever hot!'
'How gross!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Dec-4-2016#sthash.7VtZoNii.dpuf

Wound seriously
Winter jacket lining
Weigh station deduction
Was admitted
War crimes court
Use DHL or FedEx
Two-thumbs-up review
Trumpet mufflers
Summoned, as the butler
Successors to lire and marks
Stir up, as trouble
Sound from a lush
Sewer covers
Scallion kin
Royal of India (var.)
Rod with two Grand Slam tennis wins
Public to-do
Pub regulars
Planet, to poets
Phantom of the Opera's name
Pews' place
Pearl Harbor Day mo
Payne who sang 'Band of Gold'
One-liner, say
On the ball
Musician's asset
Movie sleuth Charlie
Mary Kay competitor
Many a Poe work
Like spandex
Language that gave us the last parts of 4-, 7- and 15-Down
Lacking a mate
John Irving title hero
Jarlsberg cheese features
In the style of
In the midst of
Hunter's garb, briefly
How some popcorn is popped
Headache for a data processing manager
Grace ender
Got rid of stubble
Give the boot to
Give a boost to
Getting gussied up
Fort Knox unit
Flood barrier
Expert in delivering goods and services
Expels forcibly
Eat ___ (be humiliated)
Drop that's shed
Drone's home
Do a laundry chore
Dessert wine
Desk set item
Dadaist Jean
Criminal charge, slangily
Craft show relative
Cpl. or Sgt
Chinatown society
Chart shape
Bread slicer input
Brand of lightweight vacuums
Bone near the radius
Blacken the surface of
Billiards accessory
Baked good with multiple toppings
Angry cat's sound
American, to a Brit
Add to the payroll
(see other side)
'___ the Tentmaker'
'Sula' novelist Morrison
'My turn to bat!'
'Match Game' host Baldwin – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Dec-4-2016#sthash.glPiIAlm.dpuf

Wisconsin city
Whodunit author Buchanan
When Revere rode
Was visibly moved
Walkman successor
Veep before Al
Variety of plum tomato
USCG officers
Tourist's frequent query
Top squad
Tools for tilling
Tibetan priest
The Who's "Tommy," for one
Ten C-notes
Surname on a Peace Prize
Spur on
Spouse of Pocahontas
Sports venues
Sporting blade
Sounds surprised
Son of 21 Across
Some golf tourneys
Some four-legged friends
Some cal. lines
Snooped around
Slice into cubes
Singer McEntire
Singer Baker
Sigh of satisfaction
Shrimp entrée
Seismic vibration
Salable articles
Rum cocktail
Road-fork shapes
Retail chain that welcomes 130 Across
Rescue squad VIP
Reduce dramatically
Reddish brown
Recent USNA graduate
Queen of Olympus
Put something over on
Pro __ (proportionally)
Pressure meas
Prefix for pilot
Poetic Muse
PC corner key
Pants part
Outlandish story
Online periodical
One of those things
Old-time anesthetic
Nonstandard negative
No longer current
No longer current
New Haven collegian
Mythical archer
Moist, as morning lawns
MO city
Make a goof
Lyrical homage
Lullaby, for example
Low point
Lithium-__ battery
Lauder of makeup
Landing estimate: Abbr
Kitchen towel fabric
King of "CBS This Morning"
It's northwest of 78 Across
In the wink __ eye
Icon of pop art
Hue and cry
Hue and cry
Helpers of profs
Health club
Hasty repair
Hard-to-move art
Halftime entertainment
Half, in French cuisine
Hair-care businesses
Green garnish
Grand __ Opry
French eleven
Four-baggers, for short
Four laps, perhaps
Fertilizer compound
Feel regret over
Fats for cooking
Extremely long time
Extra effort
Ex-CIA head Panetta
Emphatic follow-up
Electricity network
Dreadlocks wearer
Do road work
Diocese leader
Demolition supply
DC-area airport
Dandelion, to gardeners
Covert agent
Conductor Zubin
City near Düsseldorf
Chief Norse god
Cardinal point
Capital of Senegal
Call for attention
British prep school
Breakfast staple
Bit of clowning
Be highly agitated
Be concerned
Be about as good as
Bank of China Tower architect
Awaiting one's day in court
Asian cuisine
Ante up
Ancient Andean
Aloha Stadium site
African pack animals
Adopt eagerly
Actor Baldwin
"When Harry Met Sally . . ."
"The Wizard of Oz"
"The Jazz Singer"
"Star Wars"
"Peanuts" kid
"My Cousin Vinny" star
"Jeopardy!" revelation
"I'm outta here!"
"I'm outta here!"
"GWTW" surname
"Annabel Lee" writer – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Dec-4-2016#sthash.6HnEc9wK.dpuf

Wilson of the Beach Boys
Weldon and Wray
Website ID
Was charming?
Turn on the waterworks
Turkish titles
Troop group
This, in Tijuana
Thief, slangily
Swap meets
Summit position
Stash for the future
Staff leaders?
Spruce variety
Spinmeister, for short
Some computer consultants
Snap up
Small salamander
Sans ___ (font option)
Related to nephrology
Propelled pellets
Produce producers
Poly preceder
PC image type
Palms yielding starch
One of the Kennedys
On sale, say
Nome tower?
Mormons, initially
Mob heavies
Minstrel's strings
Milliner's product
Longoria and Gabor
Line of rotation
Lead-in to boy or girl
Klee contemporary
It's situated in the lower Hudson River Valley
It often results in a goal
Is, for you?
Home buyer's option, in brief
Hite of sex research
Harvard Science Center designer
Go quickly
Go into business
Get one's bearings
Full of zeal
Former Army post in Calif
Faulty Challenger part
Far from self-effacing
Fall insurance
Eschew the lift going down
Element number 32 (named for a European country)
Eight fluid ounces
Easily rankled
Easily irritated
Copiers that don't use toner?
Cooped (up)
Charcoal chunk
Ceremonial position in British Commonwealth countries
Captain Hook's mate
Back-to-sch. months
Available with no Rx
Army unit?
Aphrodite's lover
A wishbone has one
'___ we forget'
'___ valentine'
'Falstaff' or 'Fidelio' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Dec-4-2016#sthash.i9bXYr6S.dpuf

__ sleep
__ Park: Edison lab site
Yokohama yes
Yale School of Management degs
Word on a fast food sign
Within: Pref
Where a chant of 'Well done, blokes!' might start?
What some spits do
West of Atlanta
Waves-against-dock sound
Warning technologically unavailable in Titanic times?
Warm Argentina month
Vegas bigwig
University of San Marcos city
To this point
This, in Toledo
They may be choked back
Text __
Tetra- doubled
Tablet download
Suspicious of
Stats in NBA bios
Specks on a screen
Six-time Hugo winner Frederik
Six-pack you can't drink
Site of the 'Shall We Dance?' dance
Simply not done
Second start
Second Amendment word
Schumann quartet: Abbr
Sandwich that hints at this puzzle's theme
Rub the wrong way?
Rhinos and hippos
Rep's bad news
Recently stolen
Pro __
Prince __ Khan
Prince Buster music genre
Polynesian porch
Plastic __ Band
Place for a shoe
Pitney's partner
Pinup's leg
Pelvic bone
Paving stone
Patrick on a track
Password creator
Passionate maintenance of one's Cuisinart?
Palm Pre predecessor
Out at the station
One who doesn't get out
New England tourist mecca
Neruda's '__ to Wine'
NASA, for one
Missile with a flight
Migratory herring
Micro- ending
Marx Brothers staple
Marks for a 124-Across
Lute family member
London taxi
Link up with
Lines of squad cars, maybe
Like some felonies
Like saltimbocca, flavorwise
Like many cks
Letters in an arrest records database
Leeds lot
Lawyer's org
Kitchen whistler
Kiss like a dog, perhaps
Kinks title woman with 'a dark brown voice'
Kind of TV personality
Just as planned
Junkyard guards?
Journalist Roberts
Jah worshipers
It merged with SAG in 2012
Island band The __ Men
Introducer of the first side-by-side refrigerator
Informal pricing words
Hunk's pride
Hooded snake
Helps keep track
Haul in ? la the Big Bad Wolf, as a wrecked vehicle?
Happen to
Half-__: coffee order
Grape-Nuts creator
GOP org
Get whipped
Form 1040 fig
Forgetting how to stay up?
Ford muscle car, to devotees
Foppish accessory
Floral neckwear
Fired by a waiter?
Fifth cen. pope called 'The Great'
Feline snitch?
Evoke screams from
En __: in the lead, in French
Early Beatle Sutcliffe
Dugout VIP
Drum played with a fife
Dr.'s orders
Data transfer unit
Cowboys' home, familiarly
City in northern France
China neighbor
Central idea
Carpentry pin
Butter-yielding bean
Butcher's waste
Bunting relative
Brew hue
Bone marrow lymphocyte
At age 88, Betty White was its oldest host, briefly
Asian nurse
As you like it
Actress Lindsay
'80s missile prog
'60s-'70s crime drama
'__ so you!'
'This fortress built by Nature for __': Shakespeare
'The Nutcracker' garb
'Power Lunch' airer
'My Eyes Adored You' singer
'If you __ … '
'If only'
'God helps __ … '
'Entertaining Mr. Sloane' playwright

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