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crosswords puzzle answers 03/01/2017

crosswords puzzle answers 03/01/2017

___ Pictures (bygone studio)
___ Alto, Calif
Yea's opposite
W.W. II spy org
TV's 'How ___ Your Mother'
Trek to Mecca
Trash bin on a computer screen, e.g
Three months: Abbr
They may be caught at the beach … or out at sea
Sweetie pies
Sushi fish

Store known for its Blue Light Specials
Soldiers' digs?
Small quarrel
Resealable bag
Relative of fake news
Puerto Rico clock setting
Pope said to have died from a heart attack while in bed with his mistress
Pointy-eared dog
Pac-12 hoops powerhouse
Ohio city on Lake Erie
Off-ramp sign
Not expressly stated
Not be inert, as two chemical compounds
Neighborhood buzz?
Neighbor of Oman, for short
Maria known as 'La Divina'
Los ___ National Laboratory
Like some digital clocks, for short
Like custard
Leader from the House of Pahlavi
Including all grades, briefly
Incendiary weapon
Ghostly white
Genre for Mötley Crüe
Gait faster than a walk
Former heavyweight champion with a tattooed face
Fitness pro
Fashionable Christian
Eating pork, to an observant Jew or Muslim
Czech-made auto that's part of the Volkswagen Group
Communications giant … or a possible title of this puzzle
Cognitive scientist Chomsky
Chair with two hyphens in its name
Chain of children's stores founded by the Kaufman brothers (hence its name)
Canceled, as a mission
Bygone alcopop
Bringer of bad luck
Bridge charge
Big maker of gummy bears
Basis of particle physics
Band with the 1977 hit 'Telephone Line,' in brief
Baby's crib part
Atty.'s org
Apple that might be seen on a teacher's desk
All talk, no action
Airplane's direction
Acquainted (with)
Abbr. in many an urban address
10-Across's land
'Yes … ri-i-i-ight there!'
'Veritas' for Harvard or 'Veritas vos liberabit' for Johns Hopkins
'The joke's on you'
'Giant Brain' introduced in 1946
'Bon appétit!'
'Bear' that's actually a marsupial – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Jan-3-2017#sthash.15caCIA3.dpuf

Windows precursor
Waffle topper
Wad of tobacco
Vaper's need, for short
TV's Falco
Tale of Titans, say
Subject for Dante
Stockholm-based airline
Stays fresh
Sneaker brand founded by two European emigrants
Slurpee kin
Sacred song
Runs smoothly
Really reeked
QVC rival
Put down
Prague person
Parting word
Part of QED
Oui's opposite
One way to see
One way to meet
One way to grin
One way to give some air
One way to dance
One way to confront someone
Oklahoma tribe
New York tribe
Move like mud
Martini garnishes
March Madness org
Low card in a royal flush
Like some waves and basins
Like highlighter colors
King Lear's middle daughter
Juan Peron's wife
It flows past Turin
Island dance
Innocent reply to an accusation
In this matter, in legalese
In the style of
Ida. neighbor
Halloween spirits
Go on foot
Gave off
Flat-topped hill
Employ to treat, as a medication
Emphatic retort
Director Kurosawa
Crystal gazers
Crown sparklers
Come to light
Clinical study
Changes plane reservations
Carrying out
Burned rubber
Bulldog's school
Blackjack player's strategy
Ballerina Pavlova
Alaskan island chain
2006 Denzel Washington movie
1960s war zone, for short
'___ the World'
'___ frog' (part of a brew in 'Macbeth')
'I've Been Working on the Railroad' girl
'Fight of the Century' loser
'Dagnabbit!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Jan-3-2017—Double-Header#sthash.lxwfVLdS.dpuf

___ up (in hiding)
___ one's time (waits patiently)
___ guy (reliable sort)
Word before party or shower
Without two nickels to rub together
Welty who wrote 'The Optimist's Daughter'
Water balloon sound
Viewed, to Tweety
TNT part
Tire swing supporter
They may be fine or dark
Telescope pioneer
Taiwanese metropolis
Sycophant's answer
Sun blockers
Spill hot coffee on, say
Small ammo
Sitcom set in Hooterville
Signal hinted at by the first parts of 17-, 31- and 46-Acros
Shoulder gesture
Shire of 'Rocky'
Salacious look
Road on a Beatles album
Reunion attendee
Ravel classic
Raptorial nestling
Pop group with a backwards 'B' in its logo
Poet of Baltimore
Physique, slangily
Paleontologist's estimate
One in need of redemption
Object of loathing
Not totally against
New England catch
Monthly expense, for some
Missing-child bulletin
Minuscule amount
Mediterranean port
Looks over carefully
Like a silent letter
Letter before Baker
Lecture jottings
Kentucky Derby postings
Israeli firearm
Invoice fig
Infomercial host Gibbons
His 'slave name' was Clay
Gridiron gains (Abbr.)
Grand ___ Opry
Gold Rush mill owner
Gave a tenth
Full of knots
Evidence of rainfall
Editorial implement
Downhill rides
Cultural grant org
Cow or sow
Coop group
Confronts rudely
Cock and bull, for two
Cleans up, in a way
Cervantes' land
CBS drama starring Mark Harmon
Captures, as game
Candy or cookie
Camcorder button
Brunch fare
Border collies' charges
Birdcage bar
Big Dipper component
Big bird
Barely manage, with 'out'
Barbaric sort
Aunt Bee's charge
Apple tablet
'Will be,' in a Doris Day song
'The Addams Family' cousin
'Chi-Raq' director Spike – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Jan-3-2017#sthash.EuZ3ZXxf.dpuf

__-chill factor
__ Grey tea
__ game (pitcher's dream)
Young stallion
Without a guarantee
Whole bunch
Unwanted email
Starts a poker pot
Spinet or baby grand
Sound rebound
Showery month
Sentry duty
Sailor's "yes"
Runs against
Reward for a great server
Resort with hot springs
Read electronically
Quaint hotels
Prophetic sign
Preceder of "foe" and "fum"
Pesto herb
Partner in battle
One of a facial pair
Nothing __ (totally)
No later than
Neck of the woods
Narrow opening
Meeting of global leaders
Japanese electronics giant
In an unemotional way
Horse-racing prize
Honolulu's island
Highly idealistic
Have a fainting spell
Hard to find
Hair over the forehead
Grains in granola
Garden invader
Feeling nervous
Feel sore
Dylan or Hope
Dress of India
Dollar bill
Doctors: Abbr
Depend (on)
Damascus' nation
Cozy corner
Come forth
Coat of arms
Church seats
Breathes noisily
Bothered greatly
Boot-shaped country
Bearded farm animal
Be dressed in
Barbell metal
Atlas page
At a sharp vertical angle
Astronomer Sagan
Animal shelter org
And others: Abbr
44th president
"This __ your fault!"
"That's a relief!"
"My country, ’tis of __"
"Be Prepared" org
"Are so!" response – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Jan-3-2017#sthash.ZR0l6CAA.dpuf

___ room
___ Lanka
Zombie computer output
Zimbalist, Jr. of 'The FBI'
Yemen, in biblical times
Western sound effect
Two-masted sailboats
Tricks out, as a car
Totally dominate
Tom Bergeron on 'Dancing with the Stars'
This has no sharps or flats
Thing that might run or get broken
Tarzan's pals
Talking horse of old TV
Summer complaint
Spring roll ingredient, often
Something usually in a mess
Singing the blues
Shout from a mugger?
Shopaholic's heaven
Shane portrayer Alan
Revival site, maybe
Result of a leadoff single
President's getaway vehicle in 'Escape From New York'
Port of Yemen
Orchestra instrument
Nuclear reactor parts
Noted flood survivor
Lot of baloney
Line from a 'Sweet Charity' tune
Lightning flash
Lennon said she is 'the world's most famous unknown artist'
Lead ore
Item that cleans up the head of the house?
Indian garment
Hybrid utensil
Hunk of granite
Holy roller?
Hollywood ending?
Hit below the belt
Gunky mass
Got caught in the 90s?
Gave a once-over
Fettuccine or linguine
Fall into a recliner
Fab start?
Exercise based on martial arts
Evil spirits
Cries of scorn
Christopher who sucked in many of his movies?
Chorus member
Capital of Mexico?
Call to Jack Sparrow
Buffalo Bob Smith's buddy
Body parted in Exodus
Band of schemers
Away from the wind
Association for attorneys
Arafat of the PLO
Alley ___
Actor Rob
A majority
1996 David Bowie song
1969 Barbra Streisand musical
'___ of the Guardians'
'The Man Who Had Three Arms' playwright Edward
'On the Waterfront' director Kazan
'Looks like trouble!'
'American Dad!' network – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Jan-3-2017#sthash.NCHuIr8B.dpuf

__ Pie: ice cream treat
Wyo. neighbor
Virginia __
Verbally abuse, informally
Underground violent-weather refuge
TV's Arthur
Three-way intersection
Texas A&M team
Sunday bench
Stocked for future use
Spanish homes
So far
Snack machine inserts
Sleeping spot
Sitar music
Sign between Cancer and Virgo
Scratch (out)
Puts the cuffs on
Podcast comic Carolla
Plops (down)
Offered in payment
Nutty confection
Noble Italian house that produced two popes
Musician's deg
More eccentric
Martini's partner in vermouth
Martial arts instructor
Many a soap opera character, after a blow to the head
Main movie
Mai __
Lookout's cry
Liquid-in-liquid suspension
Like some outlet store mdse
Legal deterrent to loud neighbors
Invite to a movie, perhaps
Hole-making tool
Highest-ranking Boy Scout
High-tech appt. book
Heavy hammer
Half a patriotic cheer
Good cholesterol, for short
Gives holy orders to
Garb for the slopes
Focuses on, as a goal
Flutist Herbie or novelist Thomas
Flightless South American bird
Feeling blue
Expressive rock genre
Embattled Syrian city
Damning evidence
Currently popular
Cookbook author Rombauer
Coastal city
Clay pigeon hurlers
Clarified butter
Chihuahua lady friend
Burger topper
Brewpub pours
Brand at Petco
Bombay Sapphire, e.g
Bits of extra information … and a hint to this puzzle's circles
Birchbark mover
Big-eyed bird
Big strings in the orchestra
Awake and about
Aptly named pope
Angler's end-of-line item
'__ Fideles': Christmas carol
'The Crying Game' actor Stephen
'That's amazing!'
'C'mon, be __'
'And away __!'
'24' superagent Jack
 – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Jan-3-2017#sthash.WJRLtnQB.dpuf

Wrinkly tangelo
Where unheralded people work
What pupils participate in
West of old Hollywood
Well-versed in a language
Was the front-runner
Telepathy relative
Summer Olympics sport
Spanish house
Small pharmaceutical bottle (Var.)
Signal from a third base coach, sometimes
Sheet of matted cotton
Sheepskin holder
Score of zero, in soccer
Run a car without moving
Rich mine deposits
Prefix for 'septic' or 'social'
Popular skating figure?
Part of a sentence
Openhanded hit
One place for a sporting event
Occurring every other year
Object some revere
Mobile site
Metal for a blacksmith
Mashhad's country
Mame on Broadway
Lowest female voice
Lamb's coat
Kind of wrench
Kind of cash or theft
Jungle sound
Hemingway's nickname
Have enjoyed euphoria
Hardwood sources
Hanukkah dough
Had better
Guinness of films
Grows older
Gray with age
Goatish deity
Full of nervous energy
Flip-chart stand
Faithful one
Eyelid impediment
Evidence of innocence, sometimes
Dyer's tub or tank
Dweeby, bookish type
Dull pain
Date of terror for Caesar
Crossword hint
Consequences alternative
Characterized by great caution
Camera shop purchase
Bypass a vowel
Broad belt relative
Brief moment
Bread type
Bloke buzzer
Auto service job, for short
Arafat's successor
Aesthetically pleasing, e.g
'___ do' (faint praise)
'So, what ___ is new?'
'Meet Me ___ Louis'
'Is anybody home?'
'I never ___ to hurt you'
'Carrier' bird
'And for my final point …'
'American Idol' winner Studdard

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