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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 29.08.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 29.08.2017

__ pie: cream-filled chocolate cake
Zagreb's country, to the IOC
Yankee manager Joe with four World Series wins
When many take coffee breaks
When doubled, a Gabor
Verb in a recipe
Those folks
Terra __: solid land
Suffix with chlor-
Subj. for immigrants
Stain remover for wrinkle-resistant fabric
Splinter groups
Spanish girl
Spa sigh
Small and large
Shoot for, with 'to'
River from Lake Victoria
Reddish-brown horses
Prohibit, legally
Pocket coins, or what can literally be seen in each set of puzzle circles
Pesto herb
Parish residence
Paper mishap
NYC financial newspaper
New Mexico art hub
Mountain chain
Mount sacred to Judaism
More lively
Mini-albums, for short
Microsoft Excel tool
Masthead VIPs
Like lutes and mandolins
Like a bad fake tan
John of Monty Python
J.D.-to-be's exam
It's found in lodes
Gets away
German article
Gentle hose setting
Gen-__: millennial preceder
Fruity frozen drinks
Former NCAA football ranking sys
Fish eggs
First animal rescue vessel?
Fencing swords
FedEx deliveries
Feather-fixing bird, e.g
Fastening device
Ex-Yankee Martinez
Dred Scott decision Chief Justice
Dodgers and Giants
Disc in the dishwasher
Dinghy attachment
Content (with)
Cola choice
Close by
Church recesses
Chicken __: itchy malady
Building wing
Bringing up the rear
Boo follower
Biblical disciple
Beer drinker's option, briefly
Becomes incensed
ATM transaction: Abbr
Animation frame
Anatomical pouch
Already recorded
Actress Streep
42nd and Wall: Abbr
'__ you listening?'
'That is to say … '
'Peppermint Twist' lead singer

___ Romeo (Italian car)
You might not want to touch something with this
Yes, in Yokohama
Words of encouragement
Word before coat or rat
Third person
Texter's qualifier
Submit tax forms the modern way
Start of the Lord's Prayer
Staple of Chinese cuisine
Singer Lavigne
Renaissance Faire weapon
RC, for one
Pond denizen
Pessimist in Pooh books
Overly inventive … or a hint to the answers to 17-, 26- and 42-Across
Online help features, for short
Onetime Ritz rival
One of the friends on 'Friends'
One may be struck
One 'hat' for an au pair
Music genre that's sometimes 'heavy'
Muff one
Many a feline Facebook posting
List shortcut
Like the light from distant stars
Like omega, in the Greek alphabet
Letters on exploding boxes in Angry Birds
Kindle download
Kind of income a lending officer likes to see
Kind of history
Jockey's accessory
Jared who won an Oscar for 'Dallas Buyers Club'
It's a wrap
Is beholden to
Home for 'Girls'
High winds?
Hardly a celebrity
Fauna's counterpart
Farm doc
Event name suffix
Equine, in totspeak
El ___ (weather phenomenon)
Edward James ___, star of 'Stand and Deliver'
Drilling grp
Down Under critters
Double curve
Doing a pirouette, say
Diarist Nin
Contents of Pandora's box
Common baby ailment
Classic game needing no equipment
Charles or Ray after whom a chair is named
Cause for a food recall
Carry by semitrailer, say
Briefly, after 'in'
Brand of candy hearts
Big name in oil?
Ang who directed 'Brokeback Mountain'
Anarchy queller
Ambulance letters
Alan of 'Bridge of Spies'
Actor Epps
Acquired relative
1965 Beatles hit
'___ in the Morning'
'This could be bad!'
'Saturday Night Live' specialty
'N.Y. State of Mind' rapper
'Miss' with regrets

___ Minor
___ Minor
Yale rooters
Why spectrum fans visit Niagara Falls?
What wets the Washington Monument?
What might beat you to blowing out the candles on the cake?
Weary sigh
Varnish undercoat
Tokyo, for the 2020 Olympics
Take by force
Supplies with funding
Sudden increase
Some business partners
Soft drink brand with several fruit flavors
Site for a stud, perhaps
Semicircle, say
Saver of John Smith
Rocky peaks
Refrain syllable
Prom rides
Prepare potatoes, in a way
Poker player's payment
Pics on pecs
Penn in NYC, for one
Peg at Pebble Beach
Pare prose
Not written
Nanki-___ ('The Mikado' role)
More ridiculous
Mavericks' home
Like penny stocks
Leb. neighbor
Launch, e.g
Laughter-filled amusement
Large swallow
Item with strong metal jaws
Item clipped to a doctor's waistband
Investor's goal
In poor condition
Holds out
Help out new freshmen
Hardly sufficient
Guacamole-making waste
Gourmet seasonings
God of the underworld
Give a new look to
Gets dents in one's hood, say?
Gets darker, in a way
Flowering tree
Flat-topped hill
Final performance
Explosive experiments
Environmental activist, and the letters changed in the theme answers
Elevated poetry
Constellation between Cancer and Virgo
Combo's playlist
Coffee sack material
Coffee roaster's offerings
Chophouse choice
Can't do without
Burden for roadies
Bivouac sights
Animals with spiral horns
'The ball ___ your court'

___ out a living (barely scraped by)
Word often with 'improved'
Word for a guesser
Winter coating
What sitcoms should provide
Wash up
Was in first
Votes against
Up to the task
They hang around the house
Taps in the kitchen
Talkative bird
Tagged one's announcement
Some pudding starches
Some fancy cracker spreads
Some engraving tools
Small cyst
Slithery fish
Sicilian volcano
Short-tubed pasta
Rx overseer
Rural pasture
Road shoulders
River to the underworld
Religious offshoot
Quite a long time
Pry into
Place for thieves and lions
Pirate's treasure
One way to check for freshness
Odysseus tempter
Noted Italian astronomer
Not shakable
Not shakable
Not shakable
Not shakable
Not quite horn blasts
Munro's alias
Many bucks
Make mention of
Low-lying islands
Look of disdain
Like some teenage turtles
Like much served chicken
Letters concerning a landing
Join forces
It's pitched well over your head
Hindi courtesy title
Heroic deed
Hanging fish net
Gin complement
Get out of Dodge
Generic dog name
Gen-Xers' rearers
Faint trace
Eater of forbidden fruit
Destructive mob
Derive by reasoning
Curvy-horned goat
Courtyards with skylights
Conceit producer
Colorful mimic in a cage
Cardinal or auburn
Black, in old poetry
Baby bird utterance
Animal groups
All-net, no-rim sound
Advanced deg. tests
'Wait for me to ___'
'Groovy!' relative
'Big' Hawaiian VIP
'… if I thought ___ be helpful'

Workout class set to music
Word accompanying a pounded gavel
Win back, as losses
Whodunit hint
Webmaster's creation
USAF truant
Up to the task
Unsuitable for children, perhaps
Unite in secret
Toon mirages
Those on the payroll
Teen years, for many
taylorswiftweb.net, for one
Tapped barrels
Sword that lacks a cutting edge
Sun Devils' city
Sty sound
Sound in an empty hallway
Slap the cuffs on
Ship's pronoun
Shake hands on
Senate stints
Scandal-plagued energy giant
SASE insert, perhaps
Roulette bet
Reaction to poison sumac
Rawls of R&B
Progressive Insurance spokesperson
Precarious position, so to speak
Port of Yemen
Plumbing snake's target
Plays reveille for
Peevish mood
Patronized Lyft
Particle with a '+' or '-'
Orchestra's 'tuning fork'
Of yore
Neck of the woods
Most Syrians
Microsoft Surface, e.g
Met, Net or Jet
Manning with two Super Bowl rings
Lose, as a big lead
Lingerie drawer item
Job-related move, for short
Ill-fated fleet of 1588
Home to part of Egypt
Have a hunch
Golden calf, e.g
Godiva's title
Giraffes have them
Gerber baby food offering
Formally hand over
File crosser
Facial cosmetics brand
Eight bells at sea, perhaps
Eats by candlelight, say
Earlier in the text
Deliberately avoid
Cut and run
Cultural funding org
Common pay period
Collar inserts
Claim, as insanity
Celebrated in legend
Cask dregs
Car named for an inventor
California zinfandel center
Broke ground, in a way
Austrian composer Bruckner
Artificial turf prefix
Article of faith
Anti-censorship org
'The Italian Stallion' of moviedom
'So's ___ old man!'
'Not interested'

__ Pieces (candy brand)
Yo-yos and dolls
Woodwind instrument
Weaving machine
Was scared of
Vending machine opening
Up to the task
Turn on one foot
True statement
Tropical fruit
Toward sunrise
Takes off the shelf
Supply-and-demand expert's field
Street or highway
Stares at
Sound-boosting boxes
Sight, smell and taste
Shaker contents
Sci-fi author Isaac
Roundish shape
Rock expert's field
Right away, in a memo
Precious gems
Practice boxing
Population statistics expert's field
Poems of praise
Perched on
Part of TLC
One-person performances
Ocean's motion
Nation south of Ecuador
Most timid
More than
Money-saving store event
Make changes to
Leading cast member
Large metal bolt
Italian farewell
India's continent
Home for hatchlings
Home area to be mowed
Historic immigration island
Grain-storage towers
Gardeners' small shovels
Food plan
Finds a sum
Film excerpts
Feels poorly
Error in print
Eden guy
Doc for a dog
Dish that holds dinner
Depend (on)
Defective firecrackers
Cry of dread
Creative thought
Constellation expert's field
Considering everything
Business attire
Barnyard clucker
Atlas illustrations
Apple-core bit
Anxiety, informally
Affectionate greeting
33 Across material
10% donation
"That's clear"
"Deck the Halls" plant

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