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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 21.08.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 21.08.2017

__ and dined
Year before AD yrs. started
With 15-Across, Apple media player since 2005
Wield a divining rod
Warns of
Traveller in London's Tube
The Stones' '__ Tonk Women'
Thankless sort
Tax form org
Subscribers' continuations
Stretch across
Spun, as a baton
Skunk's defense
See 9-Across
Roof projection
Past the deadline
Pac-12 sch
Over the hill
Music media holders
Match, as clothing colors
Low, sturdy cart
Like checks, when splitting the tab
Like 'X-Files' cases
Infant foot warmer
Image maker, briefly
ID card picture
Hotfooted it
Got giggles out of
Garner from the fields
Foreign relief org. created by JFK
Fifth month
Fever with chills
Fairy tale start
Easier said __ done
Dungeness and Alaskan king
Donna Summer's music
DEA agent
Curved foot part
Curve in a road
Colored like Easter eggs
Colorado-based brewery
Close-cropped hair style
Close friend
City where Joan of Arc died
Chicago Fire's org
Cake decorator
Bookcase unit
Batman's hideout
And others, in Lat
Adam's grandson
Abundant farm yield … and what the first words of the answers to starred clues comprise?
1970 Kinks hit
*Source of showroom shock?
*Plaything for a backyard swimming spot
*GEICO product
*Feature of gated community entrances
'The Waste Land' poet's monogram
'Sorry, that's not happening'
'I got a great break!'
'Go back' computer command
'… disguised as Clark Kent, mild-__ reporter'

___ one's time
___ mortal
___ monkey
___ Juan (lover)
Young pooch
Word after Holiday or Comfort
Won every game
With nothing omitted
Wine cask
Wave measurements
Wafer brand
Vichyssoise or borscht
Tree whose name sounds like a letter of the alphabet
Toronto's province: Abbr
Something to mind … in 18-, 24-, 47- and 58-Across
Something screwed into a lamp
Slim monarch who gets around fast? (3 wds.)
Sister's daughter
Singer Midler
Serbia's capital
Principal principle
Prepared to pop the question, perhaps
Praise highly
Player on first, second or third
PC part, for short
Patronize, as a hotel
Narrow street
Mexican's emphatic assent
Lawn tool
It's safe to click on a computer
It guards a dribbler
Inventor of the cotton gin
Head off to stare at some pictures? (3 wds.)
Hamilton's bill
Group carrying torches and pitchforks
General who's 34-Down spelled backward
Friendly Communist ghost? (3 wds.)
Food for whales
Fish that's 62-Across spelled backward
Financial spreadsheet column: Abbr
Feet in the city? (3 wds.)
Fast-food chain with a red-haired girl in its logo
Equipment for a motorcycle jump
Ending with silver or soft
Done the backstroke, e.g
Dog doc
Disapproving syllable
Containers for cookies or sewing supplies
Computer-savvy office fellow
Comedian Philips
Close tightly
City in southern France
Brandish, as a weapon
Bedcover made of patches
Bales in a loft
Baldwin famous for his Donald Trump impersonation
Audience members for a U.S.O. show
Angels' headwear
Air-escaping-from-a-tire sound
Adore, cutesily
2016 Nobel laureate Bob
2008 Pixar film about a robot
'___ a long story'
'Sure thing!'
'Son ___ gun!'
'Oh, be quiet!'
'Hey you!'
'Do ___ others …'
'Can you give an example …?'
'But what if I'm wrong?' feeling
'Able was I ere I saw ___'
'A long time ___ in a galaxy far, far away …'

___-mo (replay type)
Yahtzee cube
Winter wish for many kids
Whodunit motive, often
Weapon for Worf
Uncommon boxing tactic
Trig function
Thurman of 'Pulp Fiction'
Thought maybe one could
Taste besides sweet, sour, bitter and salty
Swiss miss in a children's story
Supporter's vote
Suffix meaning 'sorta'
Successes for QBs
Stuffed dumpling
Sound from a massage recipient
Sotomayor's specialty
Solemnly serious
Sing like Michael Buble
Sign on an information kiosk
Shortened flower stems, for example
Shade provider at a garden party
Salon styles
Roughly, chronologically
Roger of The Who
Ready for business
Ranch enclosure
Pull along
President Rouhani, for one
Prepare for a bout
Potato feature
Plastic wrap brand
Penance performers
Night school subj. for immigrants
Music's ___ Speedwagon
Music's Rush or Nirvana
Mount Aconcagua's range
Meteorite impact result
Manipulative people
Make money
Long stories
Letters before an alias
Leave out
It's left hanging on the line
In the past
In addition to
Heart chambers
Halloween mo
Guys, slangily
Gushing review
Go for game
German article
Furious feeling
Frisky org.?
Fragrant forest falling
Fly-casting folks
Fleecy female
Fitness guru Jack
Feathered cleaner
Extremely impressed
Enthusiastic praise
Curtain supports
Contacted via PC
Common pub order
Columnist Landers
Co. abbreviation
Black-plumed water bird
Black goo
Beyond question
As well
'Your argument makes sense,' and a feature of the ends of four Across answers
'Twilight' author Stephenie

___ de plume (pen name)
Yoko of music
Wannabe ship
Violations of God's laws
Vaulted church section
Use for nourishment
Type of seed on a bun, sometimes
Type of engine
Type of band
Trait carrier
Touched down
They're squirreled away
Suffix with 'colonial'
Struck with force, a la Moses
Strange nutter
State in which LeBron James was born
Sports official
Spirit or energy
Spheres of influence
Somewhat formal, as attire
Skye writing?
Sardine cans
Run with little effort
Roomy car
Relating to birth
Quiet 'Hey, you!'
Put on coats
Pub missile
Pig or bull noise
Picked complaints?
Petal pusher?
PayPal currency, e.g
Old NBA competitor
Not even
Non-stabbing sword
Must, informally
Mortise insert
Modernize, as machinery
Make a manuscript better
Made like a bunny
List type
Like some talk
Like Poe's genre
Large number
Kendrick or Faris
Hotel amenities
Helm heading
Greek cheese
Go bad, as milk
Fixed with needle and thread
Feudal lord
Female gossip
Exalting poem
Elevator for a Titleist
Dig like a pig
Deprive of all strengths
Deep-voiced opera singer
Creole staple
Creature from space
Contributions for the poor
Contribute one-tenth, in church
Classic cinema name
Certain woodwind
Certain cut of meat
Bridle strap
Beer variety
Bake eggs
Animated character
Administered, as medicine
Acquire molars
38-Down material
'… ___ the wide blue yonder'
'… where the buffalo ___'
'… do, re, mi, fa ___'

___ 2600 (classic game console)
Young pal of Pooh
WrestleMania venue
Wreak havoc on
Word on a dog owner's sign
Word before Lobos or Alamos
Winter battle
Victims of some pet collars
Versatile vehicle, briefly
Twangy, like Willie Nelson's voice
Trips, but doesn't fall
Travel by clipper
Touch against
Tiniest bits
Termites' home
Teamsters' rides
Suppress, as a yawn
Sundance Film Festival state
Suffix with lemon or lime
Stare at suggestively
Soda brand since 1889
Small, in many rappers' names
Slurpable bit of pasta
Scriptures preposition
Sandwich meat often served on rye
Russian attempt at election meddling, e.g
Puts through the paces
Puts out on the diamond
Puppies' bites
Pull an upset on, say
Progressive Insurance spokesperson
Pool or track iterations
Play starter
Places to mosh
Pickpocket's prize
Perched atop
Party clown's creation
Mud bath sites
Morel lover's pastime
Marching with precision
Many a godmother
Lord High Everything ___
Like some pizza crust
Like Arizona in August
Like a nail-biter
It's not an option
Industrial vessel
Indication of a leak, perhaps
He 'says,' in a game
Golden-years savings plan, for short
Go downhill, so to speak
Given by spoon
Gave a rotten review to
Free from bondage
Food-stealing shore bird
First biblical victim
Feelings of guilt
Far from hale
Drops on blades
Distorts, as data
Cyclotron bit
Cry of revelation
Contents of Hillary's server
Cathedral organ site, perhaps
Cartoon nemesis of Jerry
California-Nevada border lake
Blowout sound
Beast on old nickels, really
Bear whose chair Goldilocks tries first
Bart, to Mrs. Krabappel
Barbecue spice mix
Attach with a click
Appraisal estimate
Appointer of Sotomayor
11-Down seller
'___ up!' (card player's cry)
'r,' in tweets
'I did it!'

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