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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 18.08.2017

__ cross
__ counseling
Woofer's output?
Went down
Wells race
Walk-in joint?
Visiting Pimlico
Very little
Turns red, maybe
Trident-shaped letters
Toy used on flights
Time long past
Tequila sunrise direction
Suggests an alternative
Sugar source
Stick dwellings
Stage employee
Sound check item
Skewer relative
Shut off completely, as lights
Rural road track
Quantum of solace?
Pizzeria chain
Physics unit
Partner of ciencias
Pair in the score for Beethoven's Fifth
Paint thinner solvent
Order to Spot
Orbiting research facility: Abbr
Old plucked strings
Not to be wasted
Natural resource
Minuteman Statue city
Makes joyous
Leave in disarray, probably
Jan. honoree
Inaccurate introduction?
Hosp. areas
Holden Caulfield, for one
Heracles' beloved
Golf chip path
Go Fish request
Garlic relative
Furtive sorts
Forward attitude
Fla. resort
Farm structure
Even less given to emotion
Euripides tragedy
Enjoys a buffet, usually
Engages with boldness
Editor's afterthought
Down time
Disney character who sings, 'The cold never bothered me anyway'
Dicey situation
Diamond plate
Dawn goddess
Court call
Copier room quantity
Company that survived Canada's Prohibition
Comfortable (with)
Civilian garb
Bread component
Act as lookout, say
About to receive
2006 demotion
1962 'Happy Birthday, Mr. President' singer
'90s-'00s sci-fi hit … or what this puzzle's circles graphically depict
'The Big Sleep' genre
'Taking that as a given … '
'Fairest of creation,' in a Milton classic
'An Enemy of the People' playwright

___-Frank Act
___ scale
Word ending many farm names
What you're in if you're nearby
Weight of a U.S. banknote
Very passionate
Toys that may open and close their eyes
Toy consisting of a spool on a string
Thought fit
They're just above a handlebar
They write many opinions
Theologian called 'The Father of English History'
Taken in
Take things the wrong way
System used by servers
Spouse of Alexander Hamilton
Sometimes-zippered container
Shaping device
Safari sighting, informally
Put in a hold
Prominent part of Nestea's logo
Platform for Siri
One of a pack of 20, for short
One might require an oversize jacket
Often-misused irregular verb
Minute, to a tot
Like some multiuse eyeglass lenses
Level connectors in Donkey Kong
Layer below the sclera
Joined forces?
Jazz/samba fusion popularized in the 1960s
Island known for its coffee
Internet meme of the star of 'The Matrix' looking sullen
Home of 'the bell,' briefly
Health org
Growing industry, informally?
Gallaudet Univ. system
Frequent designation for Elizabeth Taylor
Fragrant prom present
Farmyard females
Exultant cry
Epithet for Jesus
Doc's orders
Defied 25-Across
Damage control org
Cry around mealtime
Cousins of honeydews
Computer programmer's need
Carrier in the Star Alliance
Bucket of bolts
Bit of media self-promotion
Birthplace of the philosopher Parmenides
Became slippery, in a way
Be successful
Amelia Earhart and others
Actress Taylor of 'Bones'
1942 Abbott and Costello musical comedy
'That's the spot!'
'Surprising to run into you here'
'So effective you can skip a day' sloganeer, once
'Everybody knows that!'
$40/hour and others

___ a soul (no one)
Within arm's reach
Tourist attractions
Throw ___
Switzerland-to-France river
Supreme Greek deity
Suffix for residents
Stitched together
Souvenir choice
Some short-sleeved shirts
Some chicken parts
Six-legged groups?
Silver salmon
See at a distance
Sandpaper stuff
Rolled sandwich
Resistance in the millions?
Recipe qty
Prepare vegetables, in a way
Powerful wind
Point of departure
Not this
Minute energy source
Meet expectations
Many endings for driveways
Longish work of fiction
Lingerie item
Like a chimp
Lightly fry
Land dot in the ocean
Keep occupied
It's right to the French
It's gentle on the skin
Hollywood production
Half-and-half half
Hairstyle from the '70s
Gymnast Johnson of 'Dancing With the Stars'
Gunslinger's command
Guns the engine
Grp. that can ban chemicals
Glossy finishes
Generic syllables of laughter
Fried Cajun veggie
Flapjacks complement
Fasten together
Faint mist
Erhard's movement
ER word or ERA, e.g
Equip anew
End of the Arabian Peninsula
Elevenses drink
Egyptian goddess
Eagle's grasper
Deep fissure or gulf
Common street name
Commercial breaks
Close at hand, poetically
Christmas quaffs
Cause one's spirits to rise
Bottle stopper
Blockage of blood flow
Bad sign
Attachments for 'farm' or 'home'
Ark builder
Aquamarine hue
Advanced, in a way
About to burst into tears
1552, in ancient Rome
'The Few' of the U.K. military
'I'm not worthy' from a gift recipient
'I will pay you later' note
'Head, Shoulders, ___ and Toes'

___ latte (Starbucks order)
Word after passion or power
What you 'come and get'
Ward off
Volume booster
Uncool sorts
Title for a baroness
Tidy sum of cash
Symbol of generosity
Sweeney the barber
Susan of 'L.A. Law'
Superhero creator Stan
Steam up
Stands guard over
Some Motorola wares
Sniper's garb, briefly
Sign away
Show with product demos
Selection before 'Copy' or 'Cut'
Santa's burden
Rush-order letters
Rural skyline feature
Respond to 'Give it up for the band!'
Reduce to rubble
Ready for an attack, say
Razor, for 36-Across
Rapunzel's 'ladder'
Places to plant
Place to get a 48-Down, perhaps
Pigeon entree
Persuade with flattery
Paul who sang 'Puppy Love'
Pack down firmly
Opera segment
One-on-one with the pope, say
Olympic pool paths
Occupying first, say
Nary a soul
Mr. Peanut's expression
Morning anchor Lauer
Mistake-canceling command
Lindbergh flight direction
Irish poet with 'a fanatic's heart'
Injuries treated with ice
Hershey's toffee bar
Harrelson of the Miracle Mets
Hard-to-resist impulse
Hammerhead parts
Group of eight
Gives a boost to
Get rid of, Soviet-style
Fortune-teller's phrase
Flew into hysterics
Fault plane phenomenon
Easily stowable bed
Draw a comparison
Dethrone, say
Deceptive tactic, of sorts
Cosines' reciprocals
Convention VIPs
Condiment in Indian cuisine
Chuck-a-luck cube
Centers of local government
Browns in a booth
Brick-shaped candy
Bench-clearing brawl
Being from a distant world
Attila's horde
Arachnophobe's fear
Apt name for a Dalmatian?
Antiquing substance
Alfa Romeo alternative
Add to the kitty
2014 Russell Crowe title role
'One more thing . . .'
'Buzz off!'

Wound topper
Where a muffler may be installed
What many a motel is called
Water park ride
Violin tuners
Veep born in DC
Use leverage
Typographer's choice
Two common nouns
Three common nouns
Three common nouns
Three common nouns
Thin with water
Stowe villain
Standing tall
Southern end of I-95
Some NASA launches
Snoopy persona __ Cool
Shakespearean slitherer
Shade provider
Scotch cocktail
Sack dress creator
Runner-up to Lipinski at Nagano
Rock for refining
Removes, as a clog
Quick views
Punch's partner
Pool workout
Polar phenomenon
Pioneering video game
PG assigner
Papaya product
NL West team
Monster of Greek myth
Midwest city on I-80
Member of the weasel family
Major inconvenience
Irons' "Lion King" voice
Highly inconvenient
Hex repellent
Gold standard
Fire descriptor
Feeling off
Family nickname
Encouraging words
Electronically enhanced, in a way
Ecclesiastical affirmations
Driller's designation
Distributor of brief messages
Cyprus coin
Current with
Cultivation tools
Criticize harshly
Covering comprehensively
Carefree condition
Capek play
Canoe kin
Battle of Britain VIPs
Battery points
A close watch
34th pres
21 Across' homeland
12/31 party attire
'60s star as Maria and Mary
"__ funny!"
"Where the Wild Things Are" author
"Tosca" tune

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