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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 11.03.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 11.03.2017

__ facias: jury pool (from the Latin for 'make come')
WWII battle site, for short
Wine flavor component
William of '24'
Webmaster's code
Tourist attraction
Three-line stanza
Threaded fastener
Theodor whose middle name was Seuss
Take turns?
Symbol of purity
Symbol of ancient Egypt
Surgeon, slangily
Sun block
Suggestive gander
Six-pack to be proud of
Shipping hazard
Rudder location
Really hot
Radar pickups
Pop-up producer
Payroll service initials
Participated in a movie gunfight, say
Optical maladies
Metered lines
Letter after pi
It adjoins the altar
Inventing middle name
Introductory language class
Interval for Rossini
How many games are won
Grain bristle
Got ready to grill
Getaway car driver
German coffeecake
Frequency modulation word?
Focus group member, casually?
Fifth-century invader
Farm follower?
Exam for some college srs
Elvis Presley lyricist Jerry
Displaying polish, perhaps
Date provider
Cuts to a roving reporter
Compact __
Big name in '50s-'60s civil rights
Benjamin of 'Law & Order'
Aromatic brew
Ancient Syrian
'70s-'80s Egyptian president
'No __!'
'Forget it!'
'Buddenbrooks' author
'Brava!' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Mar-11-2017#sthash.or5KV5KX.dpuf

Word with family or Christmas
Wise one
Where bows may be made
What someone may be holding while waiting
What had a double standard in the Bible?
Wave function denoter in quantum mechanics
Twist and turn
Try to win
Traveler to a certain 27-Across
Tolkien's Prancing Pony, for one
To whom Durocher was referring when he said 'Nice guys finish last'
Theatrical hybrid
Tearing up, say
Suffix in linguistics
Subject of a cellphone cap
Some Vietnam War protests
Soap box?
Snail trail
Sci-fi natives of the planet Kashyyyk
Request at the dentist's
Repeated lyric in the Who's 'Tommy'
Red ___
Red ___
Quite off
Programming keyword
Popular word game
Piece of glib journalism often written under a tight deadline
Paragraph in the newspaper, say
Opposite of doddery
Move like a fairy
Modern topic in race relations
Main, say
Lover of history?
Look the wrong way?
Longtime TV tavern
Little wriggler
Little monsters
Like Tom Thumb
Kind of roe
It's described as fine and flakelike in Exodus
Insect that's born pregnant
Go through the roof
Genre akin to indie rock
Frat party stunt
Field in which a helmet and gloves are often worn
Fashion designer Ecko
Disney's '___ & Stitch'
Cut back
Course on courses, for short
Corresponding exactly
Co-organizer of the 1970 Women's Strike for Equality
Bolt (down)
Biological duct
Award-winning Cartoon Network series with Finn the Human and Jake the Dog
8, e.g
3, 4, 5 and occasionally more
'There's not a ___ can do'
'How dare they!'
'Are you blind, ump?,' e.g
'Apologies' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Mar-11-2017#sthash.OC159gU8.dpuf

___ vous plait
___ II (king of Jordan)
___ favor
Work at home
Woody trunk
Won't share
Women's golf garment
Withdraw from competition
Williams of 'Happy Days'
Wild excitement over a clairvoyant?
Wife of Juan
Warren Buffett's home
Warning word
Voice quality
Uncontrollable excitement
Two-time DDE opponent
Tows for some teams
Third baseman nicknamed 'the Penguin'
Thinker's conclusion
They happen, they say
Streaker with a tail
Stereotypical spy wear
Standing on
Sprint, e.g
Slowly disappears
Seed coating
Section of a bowling alley designated for drinkers?
San Marino surrounder
Safari sighting
Saddle, bridle, harness and the like
Royal Indian title
River to Lyon
Ring around the 105-Across
Reuben base
Replace on the mound
Regan of Fox Business
Refrain syllable
Reef residents
Quentin wrote 'Kill Bill' for her
Queen of Soul
Puts away, as a hose
Prospector's find
Prickly plants
Play boy?
Pitcher's pride
Pinochle scores
Pate cover
Passbook, deposit slips, etc.?
Palindromic fluid unit
One of New Jersey's state symbols
Offshoot of calypso
Nothing, in Nice
Notable 1962 launch
Nautical ropes
Music's Moetley ___
Mouth, slangily
Mother of Luke and Leia
Mechanic's focus
Manual readers
Maker of Expression printers
Lumberjacks enjoying the Jacuzzi?
Longest-serving reporter on '60 Minutes'
Lodge group
Like the Jabberwock, by the vorpal blade
Like San Jose Sharks home uniforms
Like many a movie maitre d'
Like lambs
Leaf producer
Labor Day baby, e.g
Kelly of TV
Jury member
Juicy item in a gossip column
Jerk the wheel
Jam for Sacher torte
It might generate some interest
Holstein hello
Hole in the 12-Across
Hitchhiker's hope
Highlands village that appears for only one day every 100 years
Heated for a few seconds
Heads off
Have an inclination
Grouper, e.g
Great sorrow
Galley worker
Fork-tailed bird
Flock leader
Final Four initials
Fidel's successor
Even a little
Era-spanning tale
Eggs Benedict ingredient
Easier to comprehend
Early times, poetically
D and C in D.C
Company car, e.g
Common avenue shader
Clara Bow nickname
City northwest of Los Angeles
Christian of 'Mr. Robot'
Charging up a Tesla?
Carried off
Cabinet dept. since 1979
Boxers who can endure punches?
Boutros-Ghali's successor
Bolted down, perhaps
Bodily passage
Boat captain's nickname
Blows up
Biz bigwig
Birdwatchers with microphones, maybe?
Bird on a Canadian dollar
Bette's 'All About Eve' character
Begin to practice
Bed cover
Banking expert?
Back on a boat
Back from slumberland
Babe's master
Award for an outstanding player
Applejack source
Aid for making a bust
Agrippina's ungrateful son
Affected by the moon
1997 title character played by Peter Fonda
'Would you like me to?'
'Oh, my aching back!' and others?
'Amahl and the Night Visitors' writer
'…as good as ___' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Mar-11-2017—Noh-Problem#sthash.3uvIY5yw.dpuf

Word with 'go bragh!'
Within a living organism, in biology
Wipe out, as a dragon
What an unruly mob produces
Unit next to a bullet point
Two million pounds
Turned a deaf ear toward
Tough and willing to face danger
Tool storage facilities
The quarrelsome person next door competes on 'Family ..
The Gem State
Terse people compete on 'The Price is ..
Strong emotion of anger
Strike gently
Stationery hue, sometimes
Seaweed type
Sean Lennon's mom
Printer's spaces, sometimes
Prime meridian hrs
Prefix with 'natal' or 'classic'
Place to stay in Vermont
Pitchfork extension
Part of a ratchet wheel
Palindromic exclamation of surprise
Opera song for one
Ohio city
Loud noises
Like the Who's appearance, once
Like some expectations or obligations
Legendary French impressionist
Least active
Kind of pad
Kauai serving
It's nothing, really
It has cash 24/7
Involving deductive reasoning
Indicator of a neutral vowel sound
In Kentucky, Bowling Green-to-Ashland dir
Illinois River port
Hollywood's Brad
Goofing off on the job
Golf legend Sammy
Go ’round and ’round
Global economic grp
Give a ___ the back (congratulate)
Give a terrible review to
Exclusively or solely
Easter can follow it?
Driver's peg
Cravings or desires
Crass or impolite
Covert ___ (spy stuff)
Cops' shout, sometimes
Con's knife
Common, strong chemical bases
Call forth or summon (arch.)
Butcher block wood, often
Brief joke
Boats like Ham's
Bird that appreciates statues
Beatty and Kelly
Basking, often
Bar bill
Aussie source of lean red meat
Any hard worker
A door allows it
A Chinese restaurateur competes on 'Wheel of ..
'___ the season …'
'Spice' anagram
'None of the above'
'Mardi' follower
'And others' abbr – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Mar-11-2017#sthash.pfSeu9bq.dpuf

___-mo replay
___ dish (bacteriologist's vessel)
Way out there
Use a mixing stick
Turkey Day day (Abbr.)
Triathlete's vehicle, for short
Times in classified ads
The Buckeyes' sch
The 'O' in Jackie O
Surveyor's calculation
Support of a criminal
Strand at a ski lodge, maybe
Small brown songbird
Simple, as a process
Shoplift, say
Shepherd's workplace
Scornful look
Rombauer of cookery
Rivera of talk TV
Results of 'pick-six' INTs
Really excited, slangily
R&R part
President before Taylor
Prefix with sphere
Place to cybershop
Pics on skin
Peseta's replacement
Paparazzo's wares, for short
NFLer or NBAer
Nametag greeting
Mark left by a whip
Links foursome's reservation
Like some 'green' energy
Like a judge, in a saying
Liberals, with 'the'
Lena of 'Chocolat'
Lehmann of opera
Landfill emanation
Kingsley who wrote 'Lucky Jim'
Jerry's pal on 'Seinfeld'
Intersection sign word
Indonesia's easternmost province
In the thick of
Hors d'oeuvres spreads
Gung-ho about
Groups of reps, at the gym
Greek salad morsel
Greased part of an auto
Gossip tidbit, with 'the'
Give or take
Frisbee's inspiration, supposedly
Flight school final
Figure at a book signing
Fake-ID carrier, often
English Derby site
E-file agcy
Dine on leftovers, say
Delivery door locale, often
D-Day month
Coop brooder
Clickable image
Chess player's 'You lose!'
Cherry throwaway
Beat-up old car
Beachgoer's goal
Barn neighbor
Balboa, to Stallone
Archipelago part
Ages ago
Act the Pied Piper
Aches and pains
2003 Will Ferrell title role
'___ we forget'
'Pulled' limb
'Let 'er ___!' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Mar-11-2017#sthash.mzrzuFqF.dpuf

__ Chair
__ anno (date unknown, in bibliographies)
Yucca relative
Word on the non-sporting breed list
Word of resignation
Word not in the Constitution, as Stanton noted
What the sciatic nerve runs behind
What spider-web strands are measured in
Wand holder
Vitamin-water flavoring
Virgil seeks her help in the "Aeneid"
Vacation spots
Uno de los puntos cardinales
Turnover locale
Tornado lassoer of legend
They're often a round
Sticks in an arsenal
Steals, maybe
Spread widely
Sotomayor, in the late '70s
Some state representatives, for short
Solo stoppers
Small scrap
Sight in Baffin Bay
Self starter
Schedule succession
Sanctioner of annual Rolex Rankings
Romanov-era edict
Petco purchase
Paradoxical phrase on some printed pages
One to beware, per a gag sign
Metamorphic mineral
Major seller of "cider äpple"
Magic star of the '90s
Longtime Mideastern head of state
Kellogg's whole-grain subsidiary
Its hall of fame has a Glory Road
It might span eras
Instrumentalist Rolling Stone called "revered"
Home for a quark
Heel's opposite
Frees of dirt, perhaps
Food processor
Focus of State of the Plate research
Fave bud
Energy producer, in electrical devices
Emulate a chicken
Earthenware product
Doesn't keep it down
Detailing result
Cutter's cousin
Championship ring
Bandwagon jumper's comment
Artist born near Bern
An executive producer of "Selma"
Amazon datum
AFI's #4 Male Legend
25 degrees, for Mars
2011 Pac-12 joiners
2000 ESPY Female of the Decade honoree
"__ go!"
"Wild and windblown" Nat King Cole subject
"Otto": Venice :: __ : Valencia

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