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Crossword Puzzle Helps 06/11/2016

Crossword Puzzle Helps  06/11/2016

Spacek who was Carrie
Little toymaker
Certain opera voice
Floating among the clouds
"Gloria in excelsis ___"
Stag out-of-body experience?
Prefix with "tone," "bar" or "metric"
Bread units
Clear wrap brand
Most alluring, in slang
Restroom alternative, in a hospital 
More cherished
Lion relative
Davenport native
"No whispering!"
Maple product
"And more," in lists
Genetic letters
Areas around altars
Dinner crumbs
"El ___" (John Wayne film)
One of four suits
Bell tower
Heavenly bodies
One not getting an Olympic medal
Baby’s foot (var.)
Declaration from Shakespeare’s masseuse?
High card
"Farewell, mon ami"
Astrological ram
Kept away from prying eyes
Cereal holders
Common landscaping plant
Before, poetically
Feature of London weather
Place to lodge
___ Lilly of pharmaceuticals
Show-___ (hotdogs)
Neighbor of Cambodia
Heavily marbled, as meat
Artist’s stand
Less-played part of a 45 record
Puts forth, as pressure
Bird of peace
Antipollution org.
___ Park (Prince’s house)
Tender cut of meat
Toothy fishes
Directory contents
Shed tears
Arabian Peninsula nation
Tooth problem
Obnoxious child, to a sitter
What the hen topped off her scale-model building with?
Capital of Western Australia
Pumps and clogs
Pedicurists’ targets
Express strong disapproval of
Less cordial
Positive milliner’s motto?
Rent from a renter
Money for a Romanian
Lean, strong and flexible
Poems of tribute
Thai bills
Arrange by type
Is precariously perched
Title for Walter Raleigh
Mined rock
"A likely story!" – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzlehelps.com/clue/Universal-Crossword-Puzzle-Solutions-November-6th-2016-#sthash.gNeSrMwE.dpuf

"The Tell-Tale Heart" author
Piece of fiction
Fabric flaw
Not at all in order
Guides for drivers
Cellular messenger
They’re often taken orally
Test for purity, as gold
Sorrowful song
Hand-played drum
Suddenly caught on
Driving need
Vague answer, say
Gets coverage for
The bad guys
Diamond surfaces
__ Geo: nature channel
Friend of Yossarian in "Catch-22"
Ike’s WWII command
OED info
What a ponytail partly covers
Pitchfork part
Car nut
It may be coiled on a saddle horn
Mineo of "Exodus"
Presidential souvenir
Project Blue Book subj.
Morning phenomenon
Leave a note for, maybe
QB stats
Wine choice
Org. for physicians
"The Walking Dead" veterinarian
Come together
Move up the corporate ladder
Knowledgeable, in Nantes
Grand Canal traveler
Reuters competitor
Advanced deg.
Ryder Cup team
Features of many ’50s-’60s cars
Juice for PCs
Pop/country singer Lee and others
Compared to
"Forrest Gump" lieutenant
Numbers to shoot for
Old anesthetics
Tailor’s concern
African menaces
Organs sometimes vented?
Baltic republic
Tree that typically has paddle-shaped leaves
Senate garment
Medicinal plants
Like a storied wolf
Pakistani language
It may be checked at the station
Pair for date night
Easter Island’s country
Smoke remains
Close at hand
"Fear of Flying" author Jong
Lean-eater Jack
Drive off
First word in the Beach Boys’ "Kokomo"
Boxing’s "Manassa Mauler"
Ring jinglers
"Man on the Moon" group
Holiday song closer
Crown coatings
Biblical captain
In the past
Love god
Outperform crew members in the ship play?
Put back in
What oaks may provide
Blew the whistle
Periods of distress?
"The Piano" extras
Pursue relentlessly
Where to see stars
Sun Tzu subject
Nursery resident
What pillows may do, in a kids’ room?
Only NATO member with no standing army
Aquarium fish
Totally lost
Big name in Bible distribution
"… ’tis not to me __ speaks": Romeo
Nissan Stadium player
No more than
Resonator for a jug band bass
__ de mer
Toy trains for tycoons?
ORD posting
Put down
Challenge for Homer
More than just cooks
"The Librarians" channel
Piling on, say
Tries earnestly (for)
Not a soul
It’s not always easy to get into
Weather map depiction
Promising market indicators?
Get together on a ranch
__ code
Jockey competitor
Small cells
Can’t abide
Sask. neighbor
Dr. Seuss, e.g.?
Bill collector
Run ashore
Exit quietly, in a Dylan Thomas poem
Profession for the principled?
The snakes in Indiana Jones’ "Why do they have to be snakes?"
U.N. workers’ agcy.
Next in line
Perform again
Film add-on
Tool used in a box
__ En-lai
Manchester United rival

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